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Pruning Roses

How do I prune roses?

 Use clean, sharp tools.
 Make your cuts at a 45-degree angle, about 1/4 inch above a bud that is facing toward the outside of the plant.
 Make sure it is a clean cut (not ragged)
 Remove all broken, dead, dying or diseased wood (Any branches that look dry, shriveled or black. Cut until the inside of the cane is white.)
 Remove sucker growth below the graft.
 Remove any fallen leaves and debris from around the base and interior of the plant to discourage the growth of black spot and other fungi.

When to Prune Roses
Timing is determined by the class of the rose plant and the hardiness zone in which it is growing. Most rose pruning is done in the late winter to early spring, watch for when the leaf buds begin to swell on your rose plants, meaning the bumps on the canes get larger and reddish in color. Generally the last two weeks of February is a good time frame here in our area.

Hybrid tea roses are the most particular about pruning. If you don't know what type of rose you have, watch the plant for a season. If it blooms on the new growth it sends out that growing season, prune while dormant or just about to break dormancy, as stated above. If it blooms early, on last year's canes, don't prune until after flowering.

Additionally, selective pruning (dead heading) is beneficial during the growing season. It removes the spent flowers for aesthetic reasons and encourages further blooming.

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